The Terry Brothers

Make Me Holy

Make Me Holy - (Released 2012)

My brother Norm and I have decided to release an album of songs. We have been writing music for years and hoped to collaborate someday, but physical distance has limited our musical collaboration. In July of 2011, Norm, his wife Donna and grand-daughter Madisen came to Tennessee for a visit. Norm and I planned to use some of this time to record - we managed to collect about 8 of the 12 tracks on our CD from this time. We sweated it out in the little back room of our home I use as my music studio. Literally sweated it out - overhead fan was too noisy and the A/C in our older home doesn't quite get to that room very well! 

It was a lot of fun and could hardly call it work. We preplanned for several months what songs to record and worked on basic arrangements in that time also. There were some added bonus songs like "Take His Hand" which wasn't really slated to record, but we thought it was beautiful as we just sat there and sang it. Also, "I Will Be Still" was written after July so we had to do some long-distance studio magic.

For the most part this is a simple acoustic-based album of worship - two brothers that love Jesus and want to share the gifts he has given us. God is pretty amazing in how He opened the door for this project - so many things that you would normally think would be in the way: Norm and my distance in birth order (he was moving out of the house when I was born, Norm has over 70% hearing loss in both ears, we live 1500 miles apart, we do not have trust funds, and could go on... But that's why God is God - and He is SO GOOD!

We hope you truly enjoy this album and it brings you to a place of worship wherever you are. We wanted to capture the feeling of when Norm and I get together with a couple guitars and worship the Lord - well, sort of with a small band of friends and family behind us to musically fill the songs out ; )

May this music bless your heart and remind you that there is a God in heaven that loves you SO incredibly much!

Grace, peace and love,
dan & norm