Dan Terry
Husband, father, Realtor®, musician, songwriter, worshiper, music producer, paramedic, ice cream connoisseur and coffee lover.

"I love expressing myself through music and all the creativity God gives through it. There is something about music that transcends the mind and reaches to our heart and very soul. My goal with the music I am blessed to create and be part of is to make creative, excellent art that gives glory to God - I owe a great debt to the One who saved my soul and am eternally grateful." ~ dt


Rise and Sing - CD (2011)

Rise and Sing - Album Info

This album was recorded over a period of about 18 months. Definitely a labor of love and a lesson in patience. Grateful to God for his guidance throughout the process and thankful for all the musicians and friends that helped make it happen. Also grateful for the dear friends that kept prodding me along asking, "When is that CD coming out!" Thank you for your perseverance.