The Unseen Anthem.

"We are lovers of God and people, who just happen to play music."

We are a group of men and women who have heard the call to be as Christ was on this earth. We have heard the call to become love. We are musicians. Some would say we are a band. We would say we are a ministry. This sound that God has given us we believe is to help us break the ice with His sons and daughters so that we can show them just how their Father God feels about them. We have a yearning to see revival spring up in every small church to every nation!

For several years now we have been known as the group The Daniel Smith Band. Since the first of the year God has done some incredible things in our ministry and we have felt the Holy Spirit leading us to change the name of this ministry. We feel like The Unseen Anthem identifies who God has molded us into. The Anthem is a sound that God has and is giving us. And since it is a sound it would make sense to call ourselves Unheard Anthem right? But the reason we feel the Holy Spirit gave us Unseen and Anthem was because yes there is a sound, but there are also going to be things SEEN! We believe that in what God has called us in,new songs will raise up, new prayer languages will be cried out, and prophecies will be given.

There will also be people healed, we will see the manifest presence of God,
we will see angels, visions and many other things that we have never seen before.
And all this comes from two things. Loving God and loving people.
We are The Unseen Anthem...
Lets see and hear the love of our Father together.

Hannah Faith.
Hannah is a happily displaced New Yorker currently living in Tennessee.
She's like most girls her age: loves shopping and eating mexican food
with her friends, can't resist an awesome scarf to fill out an outfit and
loves her siblings with all her heart.

But... when she opens her mouth to sing,
something magical happens.

Hannah started singing with her Dad in worship when she was about
12 years old. Her Dad was a youth pastor and quickly recruited her to
help out. It wasn't long before she figured out how to sing tight harmonies
and begin to lead songs on her own. There is a pureness to Hannah's voice
and an annointing that flows when she leads worship. She is enjoying finding
her niche that God has for her in worship music - currently combining upbeat
electronic & urban elements to the worship music scene.

She is currently working on her first EP. The debut single "Heartbeat"
can be found on Noisetrade & soon will be on iTunes. We hope you enjoy!

Dan Terry.
Worship Leader. Songwriter. Husband. Father. Disciple of Jesus Christ.

This about sums it up for me. Hopefully not in that order! I am a
worship leader/songwriter based in the Middle Tennessee area.
My music has an acoustic feel with elements of rock and simple electronic ideas.

I am a devoted follow of Jesus Christ from the age of 27,
growing in grace as I get to know Him more. My life was turned
upside down through a near divorce and a friend introduced me
to God through Jesus Christ. I am so thankful. I've always loved music,
but it was really transformed when I realized I could use it to worship God
and share with others about a relationship with Jesus Christ.

"Not to us, O Lord, not to us
but to your name be the glory,
because of your love and faithfulness."
(Psalm 115:1)